The territory of Moena

Moena is situated in a beautiful flood basin surrounded by some of the most suggestive Dolomites mountains as the Latemar group, Monzoni and the green foothills of the pass Carezza.

It is the largest town in the Val di Fassa, known both in Italy and abroad as the “fairy of the Dolomites”, which delivers completely the charm and old suggestion that bind to tales are lost in the mists of time.

In recent years Moena has also become a Pearl Aplina, and is the only resort in Trentino became part of this famous Association.

Very nice, architecturally, is distinguished by the captivating elegance that is accompanied by fine shops, where takes the opportunity to satisfy every shopping desire more demanding. In addition, Moena has proved in recent years very sensitive to cultural Ladino tradition and gastronomic festivals as “fortunate” dinner with King Laurino “in winter and” Sapori d’autunno “in September.